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awesome job on providing internet access to people

Facebook Newsroom

By Guy Rosen, Product Management Director

Over 85% of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, yet only about 30% of the total population accesses the internet. Affordability and awareness are significant barriers to internet adoption for many and today we are introducing the app to make the internet accessible to more people by providing a set of free basic services.

With this app, people can browse a set of useful health, employment and local information services without data charges. By providing free basic services via the app, we hope to bring more people online and help them discover valuable services they might not have otherwise.

The app will be available first to Airtel subscribers in Zambia and we’ll continue to improve the experience and roll it out to other parts of the world. App

Through the app, Airtel customers in Zambia will have basic access to:

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Awesome application for phone covers, good thinking MS

Windows Phone News & Solutions


It was revealed earlier that Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 will support Phone Cover Apps, similar to HTC’s Dot View and LG Quick Circle.

Now full details of the implementation is available.

Similar to Android, devices will be able to detect when a cover is used.  When a cover is closed the OEM’s Phone Cover App is launched, which will then display the app above the lock screen.

When the cover is opened the app will close and the phone will either unlock or present the password screen. The last item is a user setting, and users can specify that they want the normal lock screen to be displayed on opening the cover also.


OEMs can build and register a phone cover app, which allows partners to create a user experience with their Windows Phones phone cover accessories. This application must be preloaded on the phone as a Settings/CPL application.

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Few days ago, Adobe announced a new version of Flash Professional CC, code-named Hellcat earlier, this is by far the best release yet.  64-bit architecture is it’s core strength, allowing it to launch faster than the earlier versions.

Many new features have been introduced in the new version

  1. Interface improvement: Dark user interface
  2. Fullscreen: Works in fullscreen, allowing you to pay attention to what you are doing, by the way, the tools are still available in fullscreen mode
  3. Hi DPI support: It’s optimized for high DPI displays
  4. Profiling: You can verify your content with Adobe’s own profiling tool called Scout.  Scout helps you to analyze and optimize content.
  5. HTML Export: Adobe had announced, quite some time back, HTML5 export, it’s improved quite a lot, a new version of CreateJS is now supported.
  6. Video Export: For those who use flash to create animation sequences for video, good news, now Flash supports HD video export.  Nested animations, audio, and even scripted animations export in the video you create.  About scripted videos, how the hell is that possible, well flash records the end result and then sends it to Adobe Media Encoder for video exporting.  The middle step, recording, was missing first.  So now it’s cooler!!!
  7. Unlimited paste-board/work area
  8. Real-time mobile testing, just hook up the mobile device (iOS or Android) to the system via USB to test content
  9. Improvements in the code editor
  10. Great improvements for artists, like real-time drawing, added features in the timeline, object based animation
  11. Since it’s cloud enabled, you can save your files, settings, all on the cloud, get onto another computer and start working on your files with your settings intact.

Read the full list here

Check the video here on Adobe TV

Now what is CC, Creative Cloud, Adobe has I guess with this move, eliminated vendors by enabling only digital distribution of software.  All their products are now available on the Cloud, plus, if you know they have acquired, so their focus is portfolio integration into various products of theirs.

For one, I welcome the new changes and hope great content is created using Flash.  Cheers!!!

HCI & Computing is changing

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is how a human being interacts with the computer.  The computer, to many, is usually our desktop, comprising of your basic peripherals.  But every device that computes is a computer.  And things won’t remain the same as it was many years ago.

I’ve seen a computer which boots up from a huge floppy device with absolutely no storage device.  Then we were astounded with how the computer took form from that device to the current.  I still remember telling my friends “why do you need this much storage? You wanna sleep in it or what?”  Things have changed a little bit with our computer as we all know.  Coming back to HCI, what’s most astounding in it’s history was the introduction of ‘Sound Recognition’, kinda good enough as an accessibility option.  Many more people could finally compute.  The golden age of computing is now, in the past two decades lots of great events have taken place.  Computing has been cheaper every year.  Processing that we have today was totally unimaginable and if possible, available only if you threw in a lot (I repeat a lot), of money.

We have lots of cores, shit loads of RAM, great storage, mostly portable too.  Laptops had touchpads, mouse had to go, HCI changed.  There were mobile devices that had touchscreen capabilities and stylus for scribbling.  The artistically inclined used Wacom tablets to draw, Wacom had done a lot in this regard.  Gestures changed a lot in the touchscreen area of computers.  The user slowly learnt what the device manufacturers wanted them to, they behaved in a way the OEM wanted them to.  Apple, Google, Microsoft have done a lot in this regard.  Microsoft (Windows CE), Google (Android) and Apple (iPhone and iPad) with their devices have trained the users mind to react with their devices in a certain manner.  The user without complaining learnt it coz it was fun, and obviously he paid money.  Touchscreen was not enough, the hardware manufacturers had to do more.

Coming to the new change in computing, I am deeply amazed with what Microsoft had announced few months back that Kinect would come in for the desktop, wouldn’t it be great that this happens.  Imagine Win8 and Kinect working together; imagine the Metro UI and Kinect.  The possibilities are limitless, but yes we are talking a little far-fetched stuff, but not impossible.  Yes I know the Metro UI is not a developer friendly UI, I love my keyboard and don’t wanna trade it.  But how will the future generations work with the computer, no one knows. I guess we are just biased, we love a touch screen monitor and interaction in any futuristic movie, but don’t wanna trade it.  Like I mentioned earlier, lot’s has happened in the last two decades and lot more has to happen.  I remember my grandma telling that people would laugh when they heard that we could travel fast using a train, they thought that this is not possible, the TV set was an awesome electronic device, but to some it was the Devil’s instrument in your  home.  Man has not welcomed change well, but…

Things are going to change and we might just have to adapt to it.

Hi Microsoft Team

Great news that you are launching Windows Phone 7 in India (link), but why?  I’ll explain what I mean by this.  When I said why I mean why restrict us from developing on the device and testing on it.  By us I mean the Indian developer.  What will you do when people want to develop on it.  How will you chanelize the development.  First of all the environment does not exist here.  Read below to know what I want to say.

We had seen a lazy launch of the Kinect device in India, although technologically superior and way ahead of its time, the device had a low profile launch event.  I am possibly living in my own well.  This device is for gamers right, then where were they.  So unhappy a crowd was present there, gosh.  It was very much a closed event and a pure CORPORATE event rather than a gaming event.  Don’t worry am pro Microsoft, I purchased a Kinect as soon as it launched.  You know, you should have launched Kinect in Mumbai at IIT Powai, you would have been SOLD OUT on the event day itself.  Also, how about sending those who are registered on Xbox LIVE, an invite.

Check the Kinect launch pictures here (link)

To top it all the Microsoft team takes no heed to us developers here.  There is no premium Membership available for India to develop for XNA, this really sucks.  I’ve been a big fan of the MS products and all especially XNA and now Kinect.  But gee I think MS does not want me to develop anymore for it.

MS please take heed of our requests and hope things change

I finally Got the Kinect

The Kinect Box
The Kinect Box

Finally after posting so much stuff on the Kinect I’ve bought it.  I was at a Reliance Store in Thane and saw the device in action.  I liked it, but wanted to try it before I buy it.  There were kids I fought with to play the Kinect, my wife was alongside me watching me turn into a kid too. 

The device is awesome, it works at a distance of 6 feet onwards, offering co-op play at 7.5 feet approximately.  I got the Kinect adventures free with the Kinect device.  At first I was skeptic whether the device works with my existing XBox360 (I’ve got the one with the HDD, HDD or some other storage media is compulsory for Kinect to work).  The store manager told me it works, I knew it would, if it didn’t then I would buy another XBox360 for this beauty.

Kinect Adventures bundled with Kinect

Kinect Adventures bundled with Kinect

The sensors work pretty well, detecting all motion,  Kinect adventures is a good game to play.  One thing guarenteed is you will burn a lot of fat (So bye bye Slim Sauna Belt, get  a Kinect instead).

Cables with the Kinect

Cables with the Kinect

Personally I would say this is Microsoft’s comeback, and a good comeback it is.  Thumbs Up for Kinect.

Gaming Budget

I am excited looking at the new Kinect enabled Xbox 360.  Looks worthy of an investment, but what do I do of my old Xbox.  Now this increases my budget to buying a PS3, Xbox360 with Kinect, some frickin’ titles for both of them, upgrade the audio system, the TV

hmm… lot of money required

Great news from the MS guys.  I shall obviously buy one.

My Caricature

Hi guys

This guy I work called Dhiman with had created my caricature.  I really love the way he’s written ELVIS, reminds me of the great Elvis.  He’s awesome with his work.  Check out his site (

My Caricature by Dhiman (

My Caricature by Dhiman (


Continuing my discussion on yesterdays post, Flash developers would be now seriously glad, elated, happy, or more than happy feeling triumphant.  The reason to celebrate?   First it was the release of the Flash Player 10.1 by Adobe and now?  Well Adobe has announced on Monday that the next version of Flash (Flash Professional CS5) shall enable the developers to create content for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices too.

I seriously wish to be at Max. (guys please someone sponsor me, message me if you want to do research on Flash).  This happened at Adobe Max conference on Monday where Adobe revealed a series of applications built for the iPhone using the new Flash version.

View them here  There is also a FAQ below in that page, do read that.

More links related to the news

Adobe Developed IPhone Tool Without Apple’s Help

& the official press release

Do check this video

Watch my blog for more info, heck, you can carry on reading the Adobe site for more info too

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